Wednesday, 21 March 2012

SEASONS ~ Spring Joy

I had to share this little porcelain figurine. It is entitled Spring Joy, by K Tutter for Hutschenreuther, c1945. It is being shown by Candice Horley at the Cotswolds Decorative Antiques and Fine Art Fair at the end of this month. Candice is from from Surrey and specialises in early 20th century porcelain and Art Deco prints.

I was not planning to attend, but I am now very tempted. I know it's price will be beyond my means but it would be a treat just to see it. It really is a joy and captures everything that we love about Spring.


  1. This is very beautiful and you can see the joy in this figurine. They don't make them like that anymore. Such a good quality piece!
    I will visit you soon at Collectables and see some of your treasures. ;-)
    Have a great week,
    Jo. x

    1. Thank you Jo, I agree the quality is wonderful. It would be lovely to see you soon. x

  2. Oh, what a delicate depiction! Their dresses are blown softly and lightly! This beautiful work is pleasure to the eye!!

  3. This is an exquisite piece, but I agree, well out of my price range and I'd be afraid it would get broken! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fair. Sharonx

  4. I will email you when I'm next visiting Hungerford and see if you are around for a coffee! ;-)


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