Wednesday, 21 March 2012

SHOPPE KEEPER ~ Parting is sweet sorrow

Objects of Desire - what to keep and what to sell

Antique dealers are always searching for that elusive thing of beauty that makes the heart race and the soul sing. But when we find it we often have the hard decision to keep or to sell. More often than not we have to sell.

Parting really is 'sweet sorrow' as although we would like to keep an object there is a certain joy in sharing it too. Especially if it goes to a good home where it will be appreciated and cared for as we would have done.

I was looking for items that would make the house sparkle after winter and found this sweet little lamp. I love the duck egg blue of it and the silk shade. The crackle glass glimmers and gives off light.  It has a pretty silver cable which coiled up inside of it. It is not vintage but we sell items which go with modern or antique interiors and have a magic of their own.  It sold in the shop early this month.

We do not sell too many vintage clothes items but sometimes we have a few special ones. This embroidered child's smock is adorable and goes into the shop next week.

I could not resist this cushion of the skyline of London! It's so fun and I do love anything to do with England. We sold them in the shop but naturally I had to keep one too.

And this is Albert. As soon as I saw this at a local market I knew I had to have him. He is due to be sold ..... but I have a bad feeling he will not make it out the door. He is pretty hard to resist even though he needs a new back on the frame and I'm sure he would sell well. We will see, first he is due for some remedial work and then maybe we can part with him to the right home. Don't you love him?


  1. Hi Minerva, I love your blog and thanks for visiting mine! My daughter and I LOVE cats, and I just love your profile pic! Have a lovely day! Sharonx

    1. Thank you Sharon, Mrs Black will be happy to know she has a fan! She is a rescue cat and has settled well into her role as a shop keeping cat. I need to do some more reading on your blog, it's lovely! x


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