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CREATIVE PEOPLE - Hanah Redden, Little Burrow Designs and White Bird Paperwork

Today I am sharing a 'Creative People' post as I would like to highlight the work of three talented people I have the pleasure of having come across.  

I recently had the good fortune to win a lavender sachet in a facebook giveaway on the page of English textile artist HANNAH REDDEN.

I Won!!!!!

It was such a nice surprise to win something, and when the little package arrived in my post so beautifully wrapped and presented I was thrilled. It smells divine, is very high quality craftsmanship with lovely little details and I recommend her work!

Lavender sachet by Hannah Redden

This is what Hannah says about herself. "Since my early years I've been surrounded by fabric, threads, paper, and paint of my creative family.

Being so passionate about about textile related creativity pushed me to complete my BA Hons in Textile Design in 2005, specialising in Printed Textiles from the Glasgow School of Art. This course provided strong design training as well as the skills in print necessary to design and create interior furnishings.

I gather inspiration from my surroundings, at the moment I am particularly drawn to all things British and vintage. Combining this interest with a fascination for repeating patterns and manipulation of scale and colour I produce bespoke and unique prints and products suitable for interior use."

Find her here:

Hannah Redden on Etsy

Hannah Redden on facebook

You should also visit the wonderful blog of her mother Ruthie.

5 Precious Things

Little Burrows Designs on facebook
I've long been a fan of LITTLE BURROW DESIGNS. Based in a gorgeous part of the Devon countryside the owner Claire weaves magical designs from forgotten and lost items. Just before Christmas she shared on facebook a teacup and saucer creation she had made for a customer called , 'The Night Fox. ' I loved everything about it, the art deco Crown Ducal china is so enchanting with it's hand painted raised design.

The Night Fox
by Little Burrow Designs

Claire is a gifted artist whose vision and love for found items makes her work exceptional. On her facebook page she often shares the tiny treasures which she searches for and it is wonderful to see them unfold in new settings where they thrive and have a future. I love the way that she rescues items which many would view as useless.

Because I loved the Night Fox so much I asked if she could create a similar item for me based upon a personal favourite of mine, the folklore of Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. I've never seen it as a tale of Wolf eats Grandma, but rather as confronting the Wolf in all of us. I like to think that Red and The Wolf made friends in the end. Although this is by no means 'nature sanitised for our pleasure' - Beware The Wolf, for he is very wild indeed. This isn't Disney anymore.

She rose to the challenge of sourcing Red, and a Wolf for me. This is what she made.

Who is afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?
by Little Burrow Designs

This is what Claire says about my piece. "This is "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf" aka, Red Riding Hood Picture Teacup. This is another of those divine 1920's orange tree teacups, which are just staggeringly beautiful, and so eye-catching. It has been made to hang like a picture on the wall. Inside, it is filled with vintage objects, that make up the story of red riding hood. She is walking in a forest... of tall trees, at night. The trees are appliquéd patterned 1940's fabric, and the tiny moon is a vintage mother of pearl button. The grass is all hand-stitched in vintage silk. Red riding hood herself is an exceptionally unusual, and eye-catching enamelled brooch. I think it is possibly art nouveau, and if not, art deco, so is anywhere from 1910-1930's. I can't find out anything about it, but it is exceptionally beautiful. The wolf is a pre-war lead figure, approx 1940's. He has rather large dark foreboding eyes, and is sitting in wait for Red Riding Hood".

I love it and will cherish it forever!

You can find her in these places, but she does most of her business from facebook where you can see many of her fabulous creations.  Claire has some wonderful pieces for sale, but she will also create an item to order.

Little Burrow Designs on facebook

Little Burrow Designs on Folksy

Little Burrow Designs on Etsy

Little Burrow Designs BlogSpot

Romy from Hippy at Heart and White Bird Paperwork.

The last Creative Person I want to tell you about is Romy Steiger from WHITE BIRD PAPERWORK and HIPPY AT HEART.

ROMY has a wonderful blog which I have long followed called HIPPY AT HEART, where she showcases her fashion visions in clothes and home furnishings - and her fantastically photogenic cat HENDRIX!

Romy's wonderfully named cat Hendrix

She recently launched her business designing business cards. Her work is top class quality, she has many designs on offer or can create a customer order for you.

White Bird Paperwork

This is what Romy says about herself.  "Hello, I'm Romy, a hedonistic hippy chick from Germany's middle of nowhere in love with life, the late 60s, cheesecake and my small family (and my kitten Hendrix, the housecat ;)). I love doing small things with great love. Just sitting on my desk in solitude - and keeping my imagination running wild. My Etsy shop White Bird Paperwork is my creative outlet for all of this: Designing little pieces of paper in a quirky, fun way, with lots of fun, joy and happiness!"

You can see her work, and read more about her at these places: 

Hippy at Heart blogspot

Hippy at Heart on facebook

White Bird paperwork on facebook

Her shop is at: White Bird Paperwork on Etsy

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