Saturday, 14 September 2013

DARK DECOR - Abigail Ahern Collection for Debenhams

Look who has arrived!
(The big guy, not the little one.)

This time of year my soul begins to wander towards the woods and all the wild things. Hares are always top of my list and I am very lucky to live near some woods where they frolic. I see them often. But not often like this!

Hare Lamp by Abigail Ahern for Debenhams 
Her website HERE:
for the Debenham's Collection
Debenham's collection HERE:
Abigail Ahearn has been big news for a long while and yet she still surprises me with her creations. I LOVE her interiors which are really me, dark and yet with a sense of humour. I think it is very difficult to do a gothic look seriously (unless you live in a grand house or castle) and it often comes off better if you add a touch of relief. Her look suits both townhouses and country cottages. As proven by her own London Victorian which she trimmed in black. 

His handsome head and ears!

I've long admired her animal lamps but each time I saved up the money to buy one and finally decided which,  I found it had already sold. And it was so hard to chose from this selection!

So I was extremely excited when she did a collection for Debenham's and I saw that she had done one of a major obsession of mine - a Hare! And even more remarkable I managed to obtain one. Hooray!

His huge paws!

He arrived this week. He is divine! Photographs do not do him justice. He is perfectly flocked a light grey with enormous feet and ears. He wears a small bright pink shade perched over his head like the Mad Hatter's very best top hat. He has an air of 'Alice' about him. All who have seen him agree how very handsome that he is. We LOVE him and felt he deserved a name and decided to call him Harvey.

James Stewart and his big friend Harvey

It isn't all that original considering, but my Grandfather's name was Harvey and I have always adored the film with James Stewart and his giant Púca animal spirit in the shape of a Rabbit. Okay, so this is a hare ... but we think he is Harvey like.  

Abigail and her pet pooch at her fantastic home.

You can read more about Abigail, and this collection (but a lot of it has sold out so you may not be able to buy it) on her own website blog. The Link follows these images.

Her photographs of 'Harvey' are a lot better than I can achieve with my happy snappy camera.

A splendid Penguin. Love the black candlesticks! 

Nice idea to have a lamp by the fireplace. 

Abigail Ahern flocked candlesticks. 

 I want everything in the collection ......

Abigail is on Pinterest too, her boards are full of inspiration. HERE:

Abigail Ahern's own Blog HERE:


  1. This is the first time I heard of Abigail, but her collection of lamps looks fantastic! LOVE your hare!! It's fun!

    Happy Sunday,

    Madelief x

  2. Minerva, I am TOTALLY JEALOUS! I love Abigail Ahern and I've been looking online and debating whether or not to buy to the Hare lamp and then suddenly, he was sold out!! I love how he looks in your lounge with your beautiful chair and blankets, he totally suits your cottage! Enjoy, I am green! Have a lovely weekend! Sharon xx

  3. Omg I'm in love with the rabbit.


  4. Oh my. I have fallen in love with all those lamps. I must go look at them all. I love your hare, Min! The perfect touch for your style. Now. I want to see that Greyhound one closer up.... Ann

  5. Tudo adorável, Mrs Black.


    Lígia e =ˆˆ=

  6. serious SERIOUS lamp envy going on here!
    I have lamps here that I couldn't ever part with (I have a lamp thing too) but the hare has made me have a little think that perhaps groups-of-lamps is the new way to go?!
    I too have a hare thing and am lucky enough to see them in the fields and on the tracks around here.
    Old lore says they have fairy-dust in them so lovers of fairies should never eat them. Once when I was out riding and got a bit lost, I came upon a place where they live and there were literally scores of them. However much I searched I never found that place again, it was as if it had never been there!

  7. Love your pumpkin guy! The little one! What a character!:) Among the lamps, my favourite is the bird.Thank you for sharing! I will pop in Debenhams to check them out! :)

  8. Harvey is wonderful! He looks very happy in his new home. I do love whimsy and the outdoors ... a perfect combination in my opinion! ;) Thank you (I think) for the links. Fun time!

  9. Oh you are so lucky!! The hare lamp looks really wonderful. It is unique and so beautiful. I clicked on the links you've provided and found a lot of lovely things. It is the first time I've ever seen such fascinating animal lamps! Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed this post!

  10. I adore Harvey--so whimsical (and a bit stately at the same time). I am not familiar with Abigail Ahearn, but am off to investigate her work!

  11. I am a lover of hares and adore Abigail's!

  12. wow...i love animals.keep it up mrs black.i like u.

  13. I love your hare lamp!
    Harvey was the first piece of live theatre I ever saw and it has always been a bit special to me.

  14. I love the idea of Gothic with humour interiors and Harvey is superb! Jane xx

  15. Can I change the shade easy enough? What is the size that's on there now? Also how foes the shade go onto the bulb is the shade high set? I just need a different colour.. Thanks

    1. Hi Fidj, I'm not sure how easy it would to change the shade, I think that you could, best to send Abigail Ahern an email about it. You can reach her here on her own website, look at the bottom of the page.


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