Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I've always had a good eye for beauty. When I was little I used to yearn for all the lovely items I came across.  As I grew older and realised that there was much to be grateful for in my life I was able to appreciate things without the need to own them. Which was a good thing because I have never had a lot of money, and try to give some of what I do have to charity, so enjoying the chase of finding and being able to admire without having to own has been a blessing!

I love window shopping and even more I like to be able to touch tactile fabrics and catch the light through fine porcelain. So browsing at markets is bliss for me.

But when the weather is bad or I have no transport I can turn to the magic of the internet. In the old days it would have been books, and often still is, but the net is vast and surprising and although I was reluctant to embrace it at first it has enriched my life hugely.

I found this old tin for sale on ebay. I was tempted to bid for it but I knew that it was so good it would go for a fair amount, it sold for £53.00. I think it is worth every penny, it is a wonderful item that shows the quality which used to go into making simple everyday things.

Imagine the joy that using this each day would bring!

Antique Art Nouveau Glasgow School John Buchanan "Jewelled" Panelled Biscuit Tin c1910.
Stands 8 1/4 inches high. Base measures 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 inches.


The top of the tin sparkles with jewel like colours.

While the manufacturers details are inside the lid. 

According to The Mitchell Library the confectionery firm of John Buchanan & Bros was founded in 1858 by John Buchanan and his brothers Andrew and Alexander. Early success brought a need for larger premises and in 1869 the firm moved to this large new factory in Stewart Street, Cowcaddens. The firm prospered, extending the factory and adding jam and sweets to its range of products. New machinery increased productivity and demand rose as prices fell. Vast amounts of fruit and sugar were imported and jam and confectionery were exported worldwide. At its height, the factory employed over 1,000 men and women.

The firm was one of the first in Scotland to employ female administrative staff.

Although this exquisite pre-raphaelite style tin in not mine I do have one which I use every morning as we keep tea in it. I found it in a charity shop for a few pounds. It has the date 1977 on it. I love it because it has nature illustrations on all sides and the top is illustrated with a House Martin, a Swallow, Wild Strawberry and Violet. Four of my favourite things of Spring. 

Each year in April I watch and listen for these brave little birds soaring overhead as they return to England from South Africa. The Swift is also a favourite and I love their shrieking, especially when they are so high up that you cannot even see them! Sadly we have far fewer of these magical birds than we used to see each year but last year, which was the second year in our little cottage, House Martins nested under our eaves.  I am always so joyful when our migrant friends return!

Pure Magic in a clear blue country sky.


  1. I love browsing too, what an exquisite biscuit tin, well worth the money. Take care and have a lovely week! Sharon:)

  2. I am also searching the skies for the first swift of summer...should be any day now!!!


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