Wednesday, 25 April 2012

MODERN ROMANTICS ~ The Violet Velvet Frock Coat

Parting is  'sweet sorrow', as I've said before. At least it is when you have found an item that you really adore, and you know it must be sold.

Photographs do not do justice to The Violet Frock Coat. But you get the idea.

Unlike modern fashion which skimp on fabric, vintage clothes were made to cover and flatter the body. This 'Once Upon A Time' frock coat had a vast amount of opulent fabric in it.  Deep pile violet velvet with rich mauve satin lining,a  nipped in waist and a peplum like skirt. It would have been magnificent on the right person.

It had been dry cleaned, of course, but the faint scent of L'Heure Bleue still lingered, like a whisper from the past. 

Who had worn it, what magical days and nights had it seen?

Made in London it crossed the ocean to America where I found it and brought it home. It was such an Object Of Desire it was probably worthy of starvation to fit into, but it was not to be. Not for me anyway. Instead I had a cup of tea and a few biscuits and put it up for sale.

It sold immediately. Perhaps I had the price too low. Or maybe someone just fell in love with it, and beyond all practical reasoning about where to wear it, or how to stay slim enough to get into it, bought it and took it home to dream.

I hope that whoever has it loves it as much as I did and wears it often. Maybe with L'Heure Bleue.


  1. What a special is so lovely! If I could I would have purchased it, just to look at it, perhaps displayed on a vintage judy in a dressing room....beautiful! N.xo

    1. What a great idea Nella, if you have the room clothes can look beautiful just displayed, especially if they are too delicate to be worn anymore. xx

  2. Aww how brave you were to pass to another....And may they adore it as much as you!! xxx I am sure they will feel The Bees Knees in her...Some thing just as special will be sent to you, as always happens!!xx

  3. I DO Get the idea! My photos do no justice to my art that is in my Etsy shop. I can totally understand the beauty of your frock! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING ME. Your blog and world is just stunning and I love that BLACK CAT!!! What a fun idea. Many joyful wishes for a fantastic weekend! Anita

    1. Anita, Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated by us and M rs Black the rescue cat. I love your art, very beautiful. xx


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