Saturday, 19 May 2012

NATURE ~ Remember to look for the unexpected

I love the saying 'not all who wander are lost' because sometimes when wandering you can make unexpected and delightful little discoveries.

There are lots of secret gardens, entrances and alleyways in Marlborough and when the sun comes out I like to walk very quietly around there with a camera taking all the paths less travelled.

Look what I found this week as I turned down a very quiet path there.  

I know that Pigeons are often thought of as pests and indeed we do have far too many of them in towns and cities. But they thrive because of the waste of humans.

You would have to have a hard heart not to be touched by this brave mother guarding her eggs.

I love the rich blue of the doorway against the white washed bricks and you can just see the dark beams above. Mrs Pigeon chose her nest site well!


  1. I am most definitely a Wanderer... and I Love the unexpected discoveries that Serendipity brings. So glad you became a Supporter and came for a visit to my Blog so that I could discover yours... had to check our Minerva Black the shop keeping cat, she looks so Diva-licious in her Pink Ensemble, what a cutie! We have the Bohemian Cat Boys here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence... we're down to the last two fur babies and they're so spoiled, though they were meant to be Working Cats. *Winks*

    Loving that Indigo Blue Door too... and your Blog's Wallpaper! Count me in as a new Supporter.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. This post is warming my heart, this morning.....little discoveries such as these are meant to be found to nurture us and give us pause...I have two morning doves in the garden who are making me feel very special with their presence .....have a wonderful weekend, N.xo

  3. I love pigeons. Especially these resilient rock pigeons that flock to the cities. I think they're survivors in the face of such odds and the odds are always against them but they survive! I remember looking up at the beams of the old Kings Cross station (now very modernised!) and see these little nests created by the pigeons. Every so often there'd be a baby pigeon huddling against the tiled walls (I can't call them squabs as it's such an awkward ugly word for these babies!). Awww. Sorry, am a passionate defender of these much maligned birds, so I shall be quiet now! LOL!

    But this is gorgeous! Love the blue door too! I'm always surprised by London and its many quirky historical haunts! Take care

  4. Such a strange place to have her nest but I like it.


  5. A beautiful photograph. I love the blue door and the pigeon peeking out over the twigs.

  6. Now this is beautiful photography. I love the shot with the blue door and the bird nest. So sweet.

  7. I love to wander, to look over garden hedges and to peek around gates. Doors are among my favourite subjects for photography, so I enjoyed this post.

  8. Hello!
    You warmed my heart with this story...
    soo often we wander,never noticing the world around us!
    Home is where the heart is I guess..
    Happy Tuesday! Maria x

  9. Very sweet image - brilliantly captured. With that gorgeous blue door Mrs. Pigeon 'styled herself' well - she obviously has excellent taste in period buildings! Paula x

  10. What a lovely way to spend some time, wandering around, discovering exciting new things. :) The 'decoration' above the door looks lovely! ;)
    Jess xx

  11. This warmed my heart as well!
    The photo is lovely, too!
    Yes, the pigeons are only there due to what we humans leave behind.
    They are only doing what comes naturally to them.
    I recently read a good book on crows, and other corvids, and ways in which humans contribute to "overcrowding" of crows in urban areas. The book described some interesting ideas for properly containing garbage, and projects around the world working on this problem, as a way for discouraging overcrowding. Crows naturally will prefer living in forests if there is not garbage in the cities for them to forage.
    Forgive my going on.


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