Thursday, 17 May 2012


The antique dealer who sells at the market had a great stand on Wednesday!

Markets are just one of the many folkloric aspects which I love about Europe. When I was growing up in California 'super' markets were the norm, it was very rare to find an old fashioned market. After moving to England I was fascinated by the history of the market and set about visiting as many as I could.  Of course markets were the places to buy items of food and household goods long before shops opened. There is something magical about market day, especially in the countryside where the old towns were given charters by the kings to hold a market.

Wednesdays are market days in Hungerford. I like being there on those days even though parking can be tricky! Parking further away means more exercise and gazing at the pretty houses and gardens along the way into town.

The sun was shining so I took advantage of it to deliver items to our unit 'Mrs Black's' in The Emporium in the High Street. I put some pieces of vintage china, books and this round crocheted tablecloth in.  I love this tablecloth and it is a craft which I have not mastered myself so I really appreciate the talent and hours which have gone into this piece. I hope it goes to a good home where it can be shown off.

large circular crochet tablecoth £30.00

close up of the delicate crochet flowers
These are a few of the items that caught my eye today which other dealers at The Emporium have for sale.  Our little unit is upstairs and it is nearly impossible to pass through the shop without wanting something! 

Some very pretty chintz jugs,
and a pair of darling dog bookends

I love this doorstop - very unusual!

So feminine - a pale and interesting dressing table

Some more of what we have for sale at the moment.
An art student's copy of Constable's 'Cottage in a Cornfield'

Meakin sunflower coffee set
Audobon Canada Goose plate
Driving home the sky was a dreamy dark blue and the rape seed fields bright yellow, rich with that Heavenly scent. Swallows and Kites circled and chirped and shrieked overhead. And then it rained!


  1. Thanks for showing us around, I will have to travel over and have a look around the Emporium one day soon.
    I love your last photograph, I never fail to be amazed at the stunning colours mother nature produces.
    Hope you have a good weekend,
    Essie x

    1. Essie - I must come back over your way also. So many lovely places for us to explore. x

  2. Love your pretty crochet tablecloth and the pink dressing table is lovely. Beautiful photograph of the rape seed field. What amazing colours.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jacqui, hope all well with you! x

  3. Mrs Black! Look at you and your most wonderful pieces for sale!! Everything in these pics are so pretty! I have to admit to really falling for the chintzy jugs! LOL! They're lovely!

    It's wonderful to meet you Mrs Black!

    Oh yes - the shrieking swallows are back and it's great to see them!

    Take care

    1. Great to see yoou here! It is wonderful to have the swifts, swallows and house martins back. I just hope the sun begins to shine for them. x

  4. I enjoyed the visit to the market. You do have some lovely items for sale, and the tablecloth is beautiful

    I noticed on the sidebar that Mrs. Black was a rescued feral cat...I'm so glad to hear she is now loved and in a good home. My youngest cat, Arthur was a small stray who walked into my home, and took over our hearts, and so may have been feral, if he hadn't "found" us when he did.

    My older cat, Herbert, was a pet, found stray in a rural area near the city, and I adopted him from our humane society. He'd been waiting patiently, in a very dignified way for weeks before I saw him and fell in love.

    I whole heartedly support neuturing of cats and dogs; there are far too many lovely animals neglected, and without the safety of homes. Neutering pets is part of being a responsible pet owner.

    Mrs. Black is a very pretty cat! :)

    1. You have some lovely cats! It is true, so easy for a once pet cat to become a feral and live an awful life. It's our duty to take care of them as they give us so much pleasure. Mrs Black is only a plain black cat, like so many abandoned ones, but she is purring after your compliment! We adore her, she is our house and shop keeping cat. x

    2. Well, Mrs. Black, may seem plain but I think she's very pretty!
      Too often black pets do not get chosen as pets from shelters, as people feel they are abit plain. My heart is always warmed when a black cat finds a good home. :)
      P.S. Thanks for the compliment re: Herb and Art!
      Arthur loses his mane about twice a year, and then does look like a plain domestic short hair.
      He's now in the process of growing his mane, and is looking quite scruffy. :)

  5. Love The painting by art student, Constable,s Cottage in a corn field..Soo lovely! Mariax

  6. Love the painting by the student as well. Hope you had a good day! Sharon


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