Thursday, 24 May 2012

SHOPPE KEEPER ~ A Bit of This n That

What weather that we have in England, from rain and grey skies to very warm and sunny. It seems impossible that just a few days ago nothing was blooming and now the garden is bursting with colour. I love these gentle Aquilegias in such soft shades.

There is something quite fairy like about them. They self seed everywhere and surprise you when they come up the following year.

Mrs Black has been chasing the country mice, a favourite game of hers. I've been busy painting in the garden as although I do have a tiny studio all the prepartion work is done outside to avoid dust getting everywhere so summer is a very busy time. It was so hot that the paint was drying as I brushed it on!

Pale green towel rail to keep, not to sell

Some of the lovely items at The Emporium this week.

We're selling an old dressing table mirror in a beautiful pale lilac

Can you see that the back paper says 'Love' ?

A divine china hand painted little bird, at £12.00 I am very tempted!
This unit owner always has lovely tags with descriptions on their items.
Stunning art deco coffee table!
If Mrs Black had been with me she's have insisted I bought this charming cat with
ball of wool figure. So sweet and lifelike.
Pretty creamy coloured hand painted chest of drawers
A bit Alice in Wonderland, I love this giant key and pale pink Lloyd Loom chair.


  1. Lovely flowers and the cat is just adorable. Have a nice time.


  2. Isn't the weather just glorious! I am so happy it's finally summer! And by the looks of it, so are your gorgeous blooms! Yay!

    Mrs. Black has great taste in figurines!

    So much here to drool over - I do like the very pretty chest of drawers!

    Take care

    1. It is so cheering to have the sun back isn't it? For us and all of our 4 legged friends.

  3. We must be in tune with each other, Mrs Black!
    I saw some pink Aquilegias flowers growing in my garden yesterday and thought the same thing as you about them being fairy flowers. Love your photos and the gentle pinks.
    Such beautiful items at the Emporium.
    Happy painting in the sun! ;-)
    Jo. x

  4. I would sooo love to have that dressing table mirror! Isn't that colour you gave it just beautiful!


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