Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Costumes from the H&M October Collection
 'All For Children'

I love everything about the collection H&M have done for October and their 'All For Children' which includes wonderful well designed and made Halloween costumes and superb photography. The children look so happy and the costumes are fabulous. I'd love one of the Bat wands - and just look at the shadows they make!

A Pirate, a Princess
and some wonderful pumpkins

Ghosties - and a Beetlejuice costume!
Such cleverly styled photos and costumes.
Love the Witch doll too!

We do not have any children of our own. There are God children but the only pitter patter of tiny feet we hear about the house these days are paws. Nevertheless I have always adored children's toys and books, and believe that the magic which is allowed to grow in our minds while little helps us to deal with the challenges we later meet in real life. Celebrating seasonal changes and events is a way of bringing us closer to nature and imparting an understanding of life and death.  When I was little growing up in America Halloween was my favourite celebration even more than Christmas. I dressed up in home made items, or grocery store bought cheap masks and old sheets. It was still fantastic fun and I think Halloween gives children a special opportunity to use their imagination in a safe environment.

This collection is special and even better because the All For Children collections are a collaboration between H&M and Unicef. H&M donate 25% of the sales price of the annual All For Children collections to fund projects to help some of the poorest children in the world. What a great idea. Children fortunate enough to be able to enjoy these costumes can also learn how sometimes spending money can also help those less fortunate than themselves.

This is not the cheapest way to dress your children up for Halloween, but these are so well made that they can be used for some years and handed down to younger family and friends. It helps a good cause, and makes memories that will never fade.

You can read more about this on their own website:  The H & M page about All For Children


  1. Oh what fantastic costumes they have for halloween! We didn't really celebrate halloween in South Africa, it's more a European and probably American celebration, these costumes you've shown here are delightful!

  2. Those look such fantastic costumes. I wish these had been around when my children were young. We used to use old sheets or black material to make capes.
    Sarah x

  3. What a fantastic initiative. Much better than Asda and Amazon with their offensive and ill-advised disasters. I like the happy children too and like you, we don't have kids just a host of nieces and goddaughters whom we adore.

  4. Much better, as Mandy says, than the supermarket things. But also I have to say that the home made ones are always the most fun ! :)

  5. Lovely Halloween pictures and I'm so happy that you like "Katt i Hatt".



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