Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I do hope that you received your invitation by Owl or Raven post

 Welcome to our little village soirée, my husband is the host. 
I know that some of you have really come quite far
Such a pretty dress - you always are the star! 
Dear me! I seem to have misplaced my hat  
Such a crowd, mind you don't tread on a cat!
Come bewitching ladies, do come near 
many dashing gentlemen await you here.
This one is impatient to dance. You like his costume?
He is quite merry and enjoys a game of chance. 

Do come on through, 
  your familiars,  are very welcome too!
A dear rich old Uncle and Aunt run a crèche in the dungeon,
  he is very entertaining and her cooking is sublime.

No need to worry they will all be fine, and The Professor will look in from time to time.

And teach them a few things.
Please, make yourself comfortable in the drawing room while I check on dinner
From Here:
Barbara Hulanicki wallpapers, from HERE:
Enjoy our art collection, Uncle was a lottery winner. 
John Atkinson Grimshaw
Under The Moonlight
A Wood Nymph, lithograph by Henry Bencke
Nocturne in Black and Gold,
James McNeil Whistler
Mrs Black's dear departed husband

Follow the housekeeper
 if you want to have a look around the house,
Go quietly
 and your cat might catch a mouse.
Stop and admire the view
but whatever that you do
     beware the East Wing ......
It's haunted, by more than just one thing.
Take in the gardens
and the terrace if the evening is fine
But what becomes of you should you wander into the woods
 is no fault of mine.  
Come on through to the dining room when you are ready to meet

Take a seat, we could use some extra chairs I think.

Things could get a little wild
Better have a drink. 
"Do join our after dinner games", the host said.

"And, if you are staying, don't forget to take a candle to bed,  or unawares,

you may find that you trip over a cat on the stairs."
   We hope you like your room, 
or you may have to make your way to a local Inn
 through the gloom.
We trust that most will sleep well .....
The Nightmare, John Henry Fuselli

If not, keep the light on and read a good book,


  We even have some for your cats, there, in that little nook. 

Safe journey to all of you out on the roads, and the skies

And as we say our goodnights and goodbyes

  - to one and all -


  1. Best. Halloween. Blog. Post. Ever.

    :-) Wow.

    Take care

  2. Its the sky route for me - I am on my way.

  3. Clapping, clapping wildly ~ spook-tacular ~ Boo-tiful ~ magical !
    Loved every word and picture .
    Flying off for the night but
    I know I will return on the morrow to revisit this merriment.

  4. NOW THAT was a fantastic, eery, lovely, LUSH HALLOWEEN POST! And who could do it better than MINERVA, the shoppe keeping cat, whose mysterious eyes tell all...or do they?Do they tell or keep the secrets held in the dark? Hmmmmmm the plot thickens...

    Dearest kitty and friend, thank you ever so much for coming to visit me! Kind words are a lovely exchange throughout the day, and coming here to indulge in your storytelling and fabulous period photos (and kitty art!) has been a treat, on this TRICK or TREAT day!

    Big hugs and thanks. Anita

    1. Lovely to see you visit Anita - Mrs Black thanks you too. Her yellow eyes don't give much away, you are right. x

  5. Oh, this is wonderful!!! I was gloomy and you cheered me right up. A keeper.

    1. Dear Jen, Thank you for attending our party, and so glad that you enjoyed yourself. x

  6. WOW, what a great spooky post......happy halloween xx

    1. Pixie, I hope you had a wonderful spooky Halloween! x

  7. What an amazing collection of photos, books, drawings, places...
    Oh, how I would like to visit them.
    Prof. Snape/Alan Rickman wins the prize, always.

    1. Susan, So glad you enjoyed our little gathering. Professor Snape attending was a highlight for us too. x

  8. Oh I LOVED this!
    You even had a photo of my white cat (my familiar) with the Good Spell book.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this, and thank you for allowing us to borrow your familiar for the post. x

  9. Precious kitty and mum! I am so happy to see your visit this morning, and may the grey English autumn day be filled with extra inspiration! You are a creative kitty and the fun you have conjured up here is only the beginning!

    Thank you so much for your visit! Anita

  10. Fabulous post! Hope you had a wild time at Halloween! Lizzie x

  11. This is such an awesome post! I adore all of the pictures of witches, and cats, and the vintage books! Oh! I wish there was still the book store I used to haunt years ago called 'Acres of Books'. A person could literally (no pun intended) loose themselves in that book store. There is only one such book store left in Los Angeles called 'The Last Book Store' (very appropriately named). But we just can't find the ancient books which seem to be in England, except maybe in Boston, Massachusetts where there are still some lovely vintage book stores. I am currently reading 'Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell'. Quite a fascinating read which reads like a Charles Dickens or Jane Eyre style of book, written by Susanna Clarke in 2004, but all about magic in the 1800's in England. You have probably read it or heard of it too.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It was only ten years ago that International Postal Money orders would be accepted by England from America/the U.S. But since the world's economy has been under so much stress that is no longer possible. I seriously need to open an Etsy account but just haven't wanted the responsibility of taxes and keeping track of everything. Other wise I would definitely be selling my dolls and mixed media pieces world wide. And thank you for your very kind words about Laurelwood, our re-production Victorian house which was in the building process for 25 years by a gentleman who furnished and lovingly hand constructed the entire abode from the bones of an old farm house. You would never know it by looking at it.
    Do have a lovely tea today!
    Teresa in California

  12. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog:) I LOVED this post - all the really morbid pics were my favorite:) Hope you are super duper!! Xxx

  13. Dear Minerva,

    This looks like a perfect soiree! Love the dresses, your quest. I see even The Stones were present. I would have loved to have been part of it all. If only to wear one of those fabulous dresses :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. They helped to ease the pain a little.

    Madelief x

  14. I love your new header and Witch's Ball - both fabulous.

  15. phew that was a riot...now I must rest a little...I do think however that the cat on the stairs has fallen in love with me...and will be following me home after the party...bestest as ever daisy j x

  16. Somehow I missed this beautiful and entertaining post. You have found some wonderful images. Hope you'll be posting again soon..Isnt it funny - Halloween doesn't seem that far ago but now we are all lookiing towards Christmas

  17. So many things there I need! Dyyyying.

  18. There is no holiday that I love more, nor hold nearer and dearer to my heart, than Halloween and without fail, I always get strong pangs of longing for it at least a couple of times (often far more) a month. Today was one such day, so it really warmed my October 31st loving heart to read this post of yours for the first time now. It quelled my longing and made me smile - and feel excited for Halloween's return all the more, even if it's still the better part of a year away.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrifically nice comment on this week's vintage outfit post.


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