Friday, 3 August 2012

CREATIVE PEOPLE ~ The Vintage Pixie

Our cottage is so tiny, like a doll's house, that we must be VERY cautious about new items we bring home. But every now and then there is something we just cannot resist. This chair is so beautiful we are seriously tempted! Totally impractical, yes ideed, but still so desirable. Such a clever use of old lace and crochet.

It's from The Vintage Pixie who are based in Cambridge, Minnesota, and they sell on Etsy.  They also have a facebook page which is where this photo came from. I'm sure she will not mind me sharing her treasure with you.

The Vintage Pixie on Etsy

The Vintage Pixie on facebook

She will be appearing at Junk Bonanza in mid September, wish we were near!

Junk Bonanza event:


  1. I agree the chair is beautiful! Sometimes the urge to buy overcomes the practical. Over the years I've often bought things and when I've got home I've nowhere to put the item wihout clearing something else out!

  2. Beautiful chair and it looks so cozy, but I'd be afraid I'd get caught in the beautiful lace and crochet! Does it come with the Teddy Bear?!!!!

  3. It's a beautiful chair. This I wish for but with sheepskin with a view to the cats. Have a great friday.


  4. It's a gorgeous chair but my cat Charlie will shred it if I ever have such a delicate item in my home! But it is adorable! Take care

  5. I love it - just the thing for a corner in a guest room, perhaps near a sunny window, under a lovely glowing lamp. It would need the perfect, small table to hold the glass of sherry or hot cocoa to go with the delicious book I'd be reading while curled up. Of course, this lovely chair needs an equally lovely, cushy wee foot stool.

  6. Hi, This chair is exquisite, what a lovely touch of romance. I am a retired activity director with a budget that doesn't allow a lot of traveling. Therefore; your stroll through Dartmouth was an exhilarating journey. It is simply breathtaking and your photography is awesome. I am your newest follower and I would be totally honored if you would visit and decide to follow me back. Your blog is top notch. Connie :)

  7. Blame it on old age . . . you are following me. Thank you! I'm putting you on my front page Blog-list so that I can easily see when you make a new post. Sorry about my "Senior Moment".

    1. No problem at all Connie, thank you for stopping by! x

  8. I can see why you may be tempted to squeeze that beauty into your home! Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog. Lizzie


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