Friday, 31 August 2012

PLACES ~ The Broadway Deli

The Cotswolds is such a beautiful place to find oneself in need of lunch. We nipped over to Broadway, a wonderful village and had a wander and a bite to eat at The Broadway Deli. It's in a beautiful listed building and a popular place in the village.

It's tiny but we can highly recommend. We sat in their little conservatory at the back with a view over the enchanting garden full of herbs. It's charming with feather stuffed cushions in bright gingham and small flower prints. The food and coffee were brilliant.

Will who served us took great care over our coffee and the cappuccino was perfect. It is not as easy as you might think to make a great one - often they are bitter because the maker's technique is not refined.

You can read about Will and the coffee here on their own blog:

The Broadway Deli Blog and Will

It's not possible to walk through this deli and not be tempted by all the things they stock. We had to have some of their spices and a tub of the rich red well turned out strawberries - local, and divine!

We will be back.

The Broadway Deli


  1. We visited Broadway a few years ago. It is enchanting! Like stepping back in time. If only all villages were a bit like this!

  2. Hello:
    This brings back very happy memories of Broadway which, in the past, we would often visit from Herefordshire where we lived. And of course Hidcote, which we greatly admire, is but a stone's throw away. Such happy days!

  3. What a lovely place and you have a new background. Have a nice friday.


  4. I've put this in my book, as I'll be in the area next week. It will be lovely to feel 'in the know' and to offer a suggestion for lunch. Thanks!

  5. Wow - definitely worth a peek or three next time we go off to the Cotswolds!! Yay! take care

  6. and of course I have to live about 5,000 miles away from this adorable stone/brick/slate gem that comes complete with little fabric pillows on the seats. *sigh.....

  7. Oh, I love Broadway- I must go again - haven't been for a while.I will keep the deli in mind- thanks for the tip!

  8. Oh what an Enchanting Place to have Lunch and Coffee!!! The Building is Charming and like something out of a Fairy Tale... and I can only Imagine how wonderful all the culinary delights are are that they Create inside!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. i recall this beautiful part of england from a trip years ago....i love the name the broadway deli - connotes a large city diner instead of a quaint village such as this!

  10. Hello,
    thank you for that address - I jotted it down into my little pink book (today I had another entry: Jane and Lance's tip about Venice). The Cotswolds are so beautiful, I love the warm yellow of the stones - and did a very special 'Bed and breakfast-Gardening tour' there once. But we did not visit Broadway - so there is always something good in store for us!
    PS: Did you notice that I changed my blog 'You are witty and pretty' to - it is about everyday life incidents - mostly in Berlin (but not necessarily about Berlin). Have a look - and if it pleases you I'd like to find you following me there! Britta

    1. Brigitta, Found your new blog delightful - see you there! x

  11. Thank you to you all for the comments about Broadway, so glad some of you have been able to visit, and others will do one day. We want to go back and spend more time there, such a lot to see and so peaceful, even with all the tourists. Minerva + Mrs Black x

  12. this wee treasure looks just my cup of tea ~ maybe one day , you never know.

  13. I've been to Broadway many times and I wonder if I've been to this deli. If I haven't, I'll certainly look out for it on my next visit. :)
    Jess x x


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