Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Kreative Blogger Award

Thank you to Sharon over at the Bluebells and Lavender Interiors Blog for bestowing upon us the Kreative Blogger Award. We are all most grateful. Mrs Black wanted to keep it in her basket with her catnip mouse, but we insisted it get posted on the blog instead.

Upon acceptance of such award it is tradition that the recipients carry out the following instruction. We are to share with you 10 things which you may not have previously known about us, and to recommend 10 blogs which are worthy of the Kreative Award.

10 Things about us you might not know:

I) When we were little we had a pet Iguana named Bad Bart!

II) We sold jewelry, scarves and vintage clothes at flea markets when we were teenagers.

III) Once upon a time we had a gift shop in San Francisco called The Lion & The Unicorn.

IV) We used to own a red 1969 Jaguar E Type.

V) We have played Pooh Sticks at Pooh Bridge. 

VI) We collect dragons and owls in all guises.

VII) We love castles and our favourite is Hampton Court Palace which we used to live quite near. 

VIII) Henry VIII is one of our ancestors.

IX) We are looking for larger shop premises so that we can sell bigger items!

Alice shot by Annie Liebovitz and published in Vogue,

X) We have never owned a white cat, but there is still time.

10 blogs we recommend:

It is the age of communication and thanks to Mercury we are witnessing in our time that the world has magically been made smaller and more accessible to anyone with an internet connection. There is much beauty and wisdom on the net - and many opportunities to make friends, enjoy, and share.

We have tried to chose 10 lesser known blogs to recommend here for your enjoyment. We also noticed that a very similar award called The Sunshine Award is being gifted to blogs as well, and some of those we read have just won that! Well done everyone and thank you for enriching our lives. 

One Time One Meeting
Snowwhite lives in Japan and writes about her country, it's beauty and traditions.
This is perfectly illustrated by her delightful photographs. The text is so lovingly written it is like poetry such is her way with words. It is a joy to read.

The Hermitage
Artist and storyteller extraordinaire Rima Staines lives on magical mystical Dartmoor and her art is inspired by her surroundings. Her creations are very unique to her way of looking at the world, and so beautiful we want them all! She has an Etsy shop (you can access from her blog) where you can explore her work.

Jane the booklady - The Life of an Eccentric English Booklady
Listen, you can never have too many books! Being a total anglophile I have always admired the way that being eccentric is not just accepted in England but celebrated. I love this blog !

Domythic Bliss
This is a new blog which we are enjoying a lot. Grace writes about subjects dear to our hearts, as she herself says: 'fairytale, mythic, and otherwise enchanted decorating'!

An English Travel Writer
Jenny Woolf creates this blog. As she says, she casts an eye on London, Europe and places nearby. And it's delightful! We love reading about her adventures and her photos are lovely.

Stitch and bake
Jacqui Wise writes about crafts, life, cooking and things she loves. It's inspirational and a beautifully presented blog- as William Morris said,  'beautiful and useful'!

Ashdown House
Nicola wirtes this blog about our favourite National Trust property, the enchanting Ashdown House set in such a stunning landscape. She trained as a historian and writes for a living. She works as a volunteer at Ashdown House. Her knowledge, passion and devotion to history and this amazing house shine in this blog. We want to live here!

Pingere Antiques
Essie lives in The Cotswolds, a part of England most dear to our hearts, with her family and collie Mo Mo. She runs Pingere Antiques from the  Station Mill Antiques & Interiors in Chipping Norton. She has a great eye for beautiful things! (Please see Footnote below, Essie already has a Kreative Blogger Award and so, we get to give another one to someone else!!!!!) But we can still love her blog.

Wolves at the Door
Perth Australia
Nadya writes a very interesting blog, has many idea I feel inspired by, her photographs are lovely and she sells through a Cartel store.

This blog is  written from a stone house between two ponds in the Pacific Northwest. She writes lovingly of her beautiful surroundings, family, friends and animals. She has many intrests, less time and a large heart which she wears on her sleeve.

A BIG Footnote:   It was very hard to chose just 10 blogs to award and it took me ages. And now I realise that Pingere Antiques has been awarded this twice as Sharon at Bluebells and Lavender Interiors also gave Essie the award. I can only say that the lovely summer sun must be getting to my head .... or it might be The Pimms!

Sooooo, I think I am allowed to bestow the award upon an 11th (technically, as Pingere already have one). But Sharon may say she has won it twice! : ~ )

We would like to present The Kreative Blogger Award to another fabulous blog we stumbled across called The Custards. This picture really does it no kind of justice at all and does not show you that this blog is overflowing with vintage items, fantastic ideas, pretty photographs and lots and lots of Objects Of Desire!

You can find The Custards Here:


  1. Thank you very much for recommending the Ashdown House blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award and for saying such lovely things about it. All of us at Ashdown are very honoured.

    I only hope that when I write the piece up I can find as many fascinating facts as you have done here! You have such a beautiful blog, both visually and in terms of the topics you choose. Thank you!

    1. You very much deserve it - you are so humble! Thank goodness for custodians such as yourselves who keep alive houses and places such as Ashdown. Thank you for your kind words. x

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a huge compliment coming from an interesting and lovely blogger such as yourself to know that you enjoy visiting Wolves and appreciating my photos! I just LOVE knowing that people like what I do on my blog, whoop whoop!!

    1. Very glad that you are pleased! Look forward to reading more about you and who you pass the award on to.
      Minerva x

  3. Bad Bart the Iguana! Awwww how wonderful!

    Congrats with your award! Take care

  4. I came home hot and tired and now I'm feeling so happy!
    Thank you very much for the award, there can be no better praise than to learn that somebody whose blog I think is absolutely great enjoys what I do.
    I do hope I can think of 10 suitably eccentric answers...
    I'm really looking forward to following up the other winners too.
    Have a happy Thursday,
    Jane xxx

    1. Have a great weekend Jane, of course you can think of 10 suitably eccentric facts about you .... I can't wait!
      Minerva x

    2. Well Minerva- I've done it! And I have stretched my embryonic internet skills to the maximum! Thank you again for the award. I hope you like my 10 facts and the 10 lovely blogs that I have chosen. Jane xx

  5. Hello Minerva,
    Thank you very much for choosing my blog. I am so happy and glad. Now Japan is in the middle of sultry summer, but you gave me such a pleasant breeze from your country. This is a great encouragement for me.
    10 things about you interested me!! I also love castles. Japanese castles are very different in style. Most of them are built on stone walls and surrounded by moats.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Glad you are pleased! Look forward to reading your response. xx

  6. THank you very much for the award. I must be going nuts. I came over to collect it when you posted, and then got side tracked. Duh. I am very honoured that you chose my blog, thank you so much!!

    I will mention it in my next post, and I will post 10 things about myself. As for choosing other blogs to recommend, though, I have felt somehow rather bad when I have done that. . I really only follow blogs I like, and it seemed wrong to pick just a few out.

    Now, I'll read your latest posts. I haven't seen them in my reader but this might be because I have not always been able to check my blog .

    Thanks again. Jenny

  7. And I am envious of the E-type and impressed by Alice in the house - I knew Annie L. had done these pictures but never seen this one.

    1. I know what you mean about choosing just 10 blogs, it was very hard! We so loved our E-Type but it had to go for reasons of practicality. It did not fit in the garage! Annie did quite a few pictures in this series. x


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