Monday, 2 July 2012

PLACES ~ Bow Belles Cafe

Summer really is a wash out  here. News reports tell us that June was the wettest month since records began, and there is no let up in sight. But we are grateful that unlike some parts of England and the world, we are safe, not flooded and occasionally we still have electricity,  heating (and yes, evenings are so cold, we still need it!) and internet access.

There is nothing to do but remember the few sunny days of blossom and birdsong we have had fondly and stop off for tea and cake when we find a pretty cafe.

The wonderful house on Hungerford Bridge,
and that stunning Wisteria

A favourite stopping place for tea or lunch
Bow Belles Cafe in Marlborough, Wiltshire
Bow Belles cafe is located at the back of Bow House shop, in a very pretty Victorian house
 in Marlborough High Street.
 Can you see we are being watched by the little dog upstairs?

You have to pass through the shop to reach the cafe! Time to admire items .....

Too many choices, and cakes too

The cafe furniture is beautiful

The china and silverware are lovely too - as is the food!

The toilets for customers of the cafe are an opportunity for the owners to show off more of their superb design expertise. The rooms are lavishly decorated in a black and green wallpaper with glittery Komodo Dragons that look as if they are wearing tiny sparkly sequins, and stocked with scented soaps and hand creams. It's all sold in the shop, the wallpaper is 'Komodo' by Osborne and Little and we so want it!  

And, at the back is a beautiful secret garden all white and green.


  1. What a pretty place - now off to look up Hungerford on a map. I don't think it's anywhere near where I'll be in September, but then I don't know the UK very well and it just might be.

  2. Oh wow! What a great place to have tea and cake!! It's like a little secret paradise! Love it!! Oh I do hope July perks up a little!! Take care

  3. What a beautiful house on the bridge and the cafe looks so inviting with its lovely interior and garden (and food). If I'm ever in Hungerford I shall definitely hunt this one out!

  4. What a lovely place and thank you for sharing. Have a nice day.


  5. Oh I am just going to have to visit the next time I stay with my sister! A treat I think for her for having us to stay...I just won't let my husband know about the proximity of the shop part!

  6. Oh wow, that place is SO my cup of tea!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, hope you are having a brilliant week. I think I'm going to dream about that cafe!!!


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