Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mid Summer Dreaming

"If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance."
- Bern Williams 

This summer in the English countryside has seen no sign of Flaming June. It has been a landscape of muddy blues and greens and purple haze. As June comes to a rainy end we revisit the revelries which happened on one warm night.

The Queen of Fae was bored, with daydreams and rain,
her subjects heard her say ~

Time for a midsummer soiree! 

Much effort was put towards what they wore,
  splendidly attired so as not to offend


When they could do no more,
those whose wardrobe was yet amiss

A scary Faerie seamstress did amend.

Oh! That silken night robe you wore was so divine,
you said you had nothing to wear ~
I want it to be mine!

Nature's bounty came in spare ~
 wound round shoulders
 and twisted tight in hair.

Magic gleamed on every guest
the jewels were the very best ~


Who grabbed that passing winged thing,
and pinned her to their breast?

Gloriously garbed, all bowed
to the King and Queen,

it was her party

And she wanted to be seen.

Faeries underdressed were forced to flee!


Mrs Black, Puff and Munchkin were invited too


Did you bring your Beasts with you?

Who could help but stare?
She brought a Unicorn, and over here ~
those charming Shy Sisters brought their Deer!

Some were near, others did travel far

Or met hardship along the way

The valet looked after every car
During our stay.

Alice and her Rabbit were very late

The rest of the party really could not wait! 

Such pretty places to sit and rest a spell
 Full sympathy for all of those
Who now have stories to tell.

who forgot not to dose,
and kept company in their sleep,
you'd rather not keep.

There was such fine entertainment

a travelling musician or two

and a disc jockey spun records
some old, some new .....

of course the food and drinks were plenty

If you dared to eat or drink,
you are far braver than me

And if you grew weary of the music and the meet
you may have felt inclined to take a seat

or wander in the wood,
so dark and deep


Did you remember to beware?

perchance you fell asleep
while there.

The ballroom was so crowded
 we spread out onto the lawn

By then I had to change those Red Shoes!
or dance until the dawn.

I saw you danced with the gentleman most strange
With thistledown hair, and green coat

I think it was he who arranged
That Dragon in the moat!

As we watched Dawn begin to weave
light across our play,

We wondered if we should take our leave,
but decided to go inside, and catch some sleep
before another summer's day.

Our hosts bid us all a gentle goodnight 

Just as Alice arrived, so like her!, 
said Puck, the mischievous Sprite, 

"remember ~ having spent these hours in Faerie,
You may not be who that you were."

The previous post to this was a tribute to William Shakespeare, who I never tire of. As you may have guessed ~ this is a favourite book of mine from Rare Books.


Please ~ do not despair
Indeed we too care ~
All images will be credited to owners and creators in due course, once we have recovered from the Midsummer Night's Dream!


  1. This is an ENCHANTING post and I thank you for it! Will come back later and gaze at the amazing photos which I cannot imagine how long it took for you to put together with your lovely words. Shakespeare would have been proud, I am certain. xx

  2. Wow! Marvelous Magic. What a lot of work! Makes me want to be a fairy....

  3. Dearest LeeAnne,
    Wow you almost shared a book!
    We did go to the Theatre for watching Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and I must say that the language used is rather difficult to follow.
    You at least did a lot of work on putting this together here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely combination for June, for summer.

    Ah, Alan Rickman. How we miss you.

  5. Hi LeeAnn, really LOVED this post, exquisite writing and an ethereal magical feel to it all, the photos and pictures did your writing justice, an air of mystery surrounding it all. Happy week for you. Sharon x

  6. How magical it all is. Midsummer night's Dream is one of my favourite plays.

  7. Magical! I've come back to this posting many times to fall into its spell. The photo of the staircase with golden wallpaper especially haunts me.
    Thank you for putting this lovely piece together -

  8. Oh, my, what a wonderful spell was woven! And filled with eye candy! It really transports you out of your own little life! It was so nice stopping by. It's been far too long since I visited. Thank you for all your sweet comments :)


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