Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Peace and Plenty to everyone at Christmas time and always.

Time to remember all of those who we have lost this year, all who have stood by our side through good and bad times - and all of those less fortunate than ourselves.

And do not forget to feed the birds in this cold weather!

The tree is lit on the Village Green, carols have been sung, presents wrapped and cheers to everyone.

We are having a quiet Christmas this year, staying in, watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, drinking lots of spiced tea and eating Turkish Delight - of course. It has been raining and the wind blew in gales on our hill, but no snow, Narnia has not come. 

Later there will be a ghost story. This year we are reading this, with a haunting portrait of the ravishing Violet, Duchess of Rutland on the cover.

These are a few of our favourite ornaments and items which brighten winter.

We once had a real mouse, named Marvin, who lived under the stairs. Since then we keep to china and cloth versions.

It is a family tradition to exchange a Santa Claus. We have far too many and this year we shared them with anyone who had none. I love the skinny legs on this one and his tails.

Who would have thought? Bunny Santa, with wings! Look at his delightful little pink nose, and his pointy shoes. He is kind of an Edwardian Santa.
Best of all I love the idea of Santa as a simple, but magical wood being
who lives at peace with the animals.
We collect lots of things which seem to belong to Winter, and Christmas.
Trees are a favourite theme.
And Polar Bears.  
Despite all of our collections, we live in a tiny cottage.
It seems china shaped like little houses has found it's way into our collections.
Our clock is even house shaped.
You should share what you have with those who have not. Be they 2 or 4 legged.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares..

This year a little cat named Munchkin is with us. He has been living rough for 3 years after his elderly owner died and he was rehomed many miles from there. Not understanding that she had died he ran away and over six months he slowly made his way back home. To find that it was no longer his home at all. Kindly neighbours continued feeding him but cat shelters were full, no one could take him and so he remained homeless for 3 years. Until now. Mrs Black so misses Issy, her Naughty Kitten but we were not looking for another cat. This one found us. He may not stay forever, but he will be at home for Christmas.


  1. What a lucky cat - to have found such a generous home for Christmas. Have a warm and wonderful holiday x Jane

    1. Thank you Jane, It looks like Munchkin will be staying forever with us. I wish we could take in many many more. x

  2. Awwwwwww Munchkin!! So so happy he'll be safe and warm and loved this Christmas!! Wishing him all the best - he is loyal and adorable!

    Have a peaceful and calm Christmas and New Year! Take care

  3. thankyou for the joy of reading your blog, facebook page- and meeting you as a REAL LIFE person!
    Wishing you happiness,
    Elaine xx

    1. Elaine, It was a treat meeting you too, and hope to do more in 2014. x

  4. So happy you've been able to give shelter to Munchkin over Xmas. He is the image of our stray! Have a lovely Xmas in amongst your pretty decorations. xxxx

  5. Perhaps Munchkin is meant to be yours, and you his. He could have been sent by your Mrs. Black. I believe things like that happen sometimes. I love all your decorations. Especially the little mouse, and the Santa who lives with and loves animals. Giving and sharing. The true spirit of Christmas. Hugs from here! :)

  6. How lovely you could give this little one a christmas home! wishing you nice holidays!

  7. Looks so festive and fun! I love Turkish Delight!

  8. Love your little Munchkin, and all the sweet ornaments--especially the mice.
    I've been feeding the birds--they bring great joy. We had a possum the other night and today a red fox!

  9. I'm so glad you took Munchkin in! You are his Christmas angel, and he, yours :)

  10. How lovely to read about Munchkin! It must have been tough to live outside. Thank you for giving him a warm Christmas. : )

  11. What a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for visiting mine so I could find you. I know I will love it here!

  12. My goodness sweet little black kitty, you are describing the perfect Christmas to me! Though I spent time in sunny Southern California with my cousins, I came home to Minneapolis, covered with snow. This type of holiday time is the perfect setting for all the above activities you mention. Tea, movies, books (lots of them!) and sweet little ornament friends all make for a very sensation QUIET TIME.

    How kind of you to come by, to walk through my door as a little black kitty would do...peace AND SHINY THINGS I bid to you!

    May this be a year of meeting one another here and there, and enjoying the magic! Anita

  13. This is the most endearing post that I have read this season...it as left me warm and wonderful this morning, and restored me with the goodness that abounds in all of us...all of your collections are precious! The tiny mice and lovely Santas...mine are still packed away somewhere...and reading ghost stories, hunkered down and snow bound sounds perfect to me! With the onset of deep winter here in Canada I plan on doing the same, love and hugs to you, N.xo

    1. Nella, Thank you so much for your kind comments and for stopping by. I hope that you enjoyed the Christmas season. x

  14. What a delightful post !
    I am now craving spiced tea and a lovely book while sitting with a beautiful kitty curled in my lap.
    The Santas all beautiful. I liken the notion of Santa as a wood being peacefully living amongst the animals, I have adhered to that magical aura of Santa myself .
    How totally sweet to hear that Munchkin has an open door to rest near warmth and caring souls that understand what he has gone through.
    Wishing for you a magical year full of adventure and joy.
    All the best ,

  15. Sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas, despite the weather. And I liked your comments at the start of the post - to remember those who have gone, and who are not happy. It is certainly a "haunting" portrait on the book of ghost stories. I wonder what she thought of it when she first saw it, to see herself portrayed in this somewhat creepy way!
    All the best for 2014, and i look forward to reading more of your posts.

  16. Wonderful post. I love wishing for world peace, but hope for something shiny, too -- I smiled all the way through. The monkey caught my eye. Poor Munchkin. Perhaps he is an angel come to share his life with you? Happy New Year!

  17. Dear Minerva, you spin magical tales with words, enticing us to sit and read tales of old, eat turkish delight and generally get wonderfully lost in your magical world! My favourite Santa is the magical wood being, he looks huggable! Wishing you and yours a peaceful, content, joyful and healthy 2014! Sharon x

  18. Just found your blog! What a delight! Lovely pictures......and cats, too! So glad your stray boy found a warm home for Christmas. I hope he stays!
    Jen X

  19. This is the most lovely post. I love that you took in a kitty who cannot understand where its loving owner went. God bless you for that. I love that you named the mouse under your stairs. You truly love all of God's creatures. A kindred soul. Ghost stories are my favorite. I hope you had a wonderful time on Christmas Eve. It is such a magical time of year. And as Love Actually reminds us, a time when all things are possible. I think it's wonderful that share your many Santa's with others, and your Woodland Santa reminds me of one that I painted, surrounded by forest animals. I love the houses on your mantel with the lights running through and last, but most definitely not least, I love the Angels Unaware scripture you quoted :) It's one of my favorites. Happy New Year to you!

  20. I never know what to say when someone loses a much loved animal, so often don't as there isn't anything to say that would help - I am so sorry, although your new lodger will never replace Izzy, he needs you. We took old Ambercat from a rescue, she has health issues because of her past. She chose us as we visited the rescue several times over two weeks and sat with the cats until one picked us, she at first wouldn't even speak to us then one day claimed us. I think it's a bit of an honour to be chosen so congratulations! Hope the new kitty brings some comfort to you. Betty

  21. I think we have much in common. Little houses, precious cats ( even if they be temporary residents ) and little mice. I hope your Christmas was peaceful and leaving you with memories to warm your heart, and the new year is one full of the many blessings life has to offer for those who see. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  22. I read your former post too. I'm really sorry for your cat, Issy and was very impressed by your beautiful tribute.
    This Christmas post reminds me of my own cat, Naotan, who came to my house on Christmas Eve three years ago.
    Since then he's always been with us. I really hope Munchkin will be with you forever!! I'm sure he will!
    Happy New Year to you too!!

  23. Hope that you had a good time this Xmas.

  24. How beautiful is dear Munchkin and how kind of you to open your home to him...and he does look very content indeed I must add!...such a lovely heartwarming post...
    Wishing you a wonderful 2014 full of all good things!
    Susan x

  25. So lovely that you have given dear Munchkin a place in your home - sweet cat.
    I was sad to read of the passing of your gorgeous cat Issy and know how heartbreaking it is when we have to say goodbye to our beloved pets.
    Love all your sweet Christmas decorations.
    Just want to say thank you for your kind words you left about my brother in law, appreciate your kindness and the visit
    Carolyn x

  26. HELLO KITTY! teeeheheeee....

    How sweet you are to come by to visit and leave a comment! I have been blogging for 6 years now and I am always tickled when someone dear comes to leave a word. Oh how pleasant it is to come to England to say hello. Thank you again for stopping by and wouldn't those lilac shoes be perfect for a romp on a hilly green mound, then sit on a blanket for some tea? I would love that....

    Well Mrs. Black the Kitty Cat, enjoy a fine weekend!

  27. I just noticed Heb 13:2 in this post, which by coincidence, I was reading today (even though your post is two months ago)
    Oh! And I adore the kitty Munchkin. I love ginger colored cats!
    And such wonderful photos of the creative ladies you featured their creativity and links to find them. What fun!
    And the lavender sachet you won is so charming and magical!
    Hope your winter is trying to turn to spring, which is only a week or so away.
    Teresa in California


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