Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PAINT BOX ~ Pink and Green

Shocking Pink and Green

Some colour combinations are so delightful, and this shocking pink and green chest of drawers we came across sitting outside an antiques shop really appeals to us. It's got a 1970s India type of vibe to it.  If only we had somewhere to put it in our cottage!

A few weeks ago the continued winter weather had us worried that Spring would not come, and Summer could not follow.

But we have seen our first Bumblebee of the season, a few Butterflies and glorious sunshine! The woods are now alive with magic.

Down in the woods ..... things are stirring!

A kitchen display at the Cath Kidston store in Marlborough

It's not pink, or green, but we love this cheerful kitchen display at our local Cath Kidston shop. It would fit perfectly into our tiny cottage - we may just have to take it away!


  1. We've seen butterflies and bumble bees this weekend too, isn't it lovely! x

  2. I am totally in love with all things Cath Kidston!!

    Now that's not a real owl right!? :-) Take care

  3. I love pink and green ... reminds me of my Granny. I'm a big owl fan! Spring is really coming ... really! :D

  4. I love the kombination of green and pink. And spring comes here finally too: bees and bumblebees, but no butterfly till now. We can walk without jackets, caps and gloves - hurrah!

  5. What a glorious colour combination! I've got Spring Green Nails and hot pink bell bottoms on today and so many people have stopped to comment! That little owl is gorgeous! xxx

  6. You can always just start stacking the furniture in two deep against the walls.... he he he....
    I'd snatch them both up! It makes sort of a Christmasy theme, with the red and green!!

  7. My favourite combination, pink, green and a little bit of white, so clean and fresh looking. Looking outside there are various greens, pink blossom and white hyacinths...so so so happy!! XX

  8. I love the owl! Yes, spring has come finally, but summer will not necessarily follow. It's England. : o That's what I said to my husband. ; ) I love your new avatar.

  9. Oh that sink! So cute and practical. I've not seen anything like that. The green and pink are a wonderful color combination. Ann

  10. Spring seems to be on and off at the moment. I don't know where we are with the weather, but it is lovely to see the wildlife stiring and coming out of hibernation!
    I love the bright green chest of draws and the Cath Kidson kitchen sink. I think bright colours on furniture are coming back into fashion again!

  11. Spring is very slowly appearing here... I do like those colourful chest of drawers! Lizzie

  12. The green & pink are a beautiful colour combination, makes me smile.
    We are still waiting the beginnings of Spring here, it seems to be on hold still!


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