Wednesday, 31 October 2012


We like to celebrate the seasons and Autumn and Winter are our favourites. Living in the countryside we are subject to the vagrancies of nature and the weather. Our thoughts go out to all in America who are currently suffering due to Hurricane Sandy. May you stay safe, warm and with friends and family.

The Emporium has some lovely Halloween decorations, we quite like these pumpkins and spooky plates.

Halloween goodies at The Emporium, Hungerford.

It has turned quite cold and rain is forecast but we do hope that it is calm enough for the little ghosts, witches and devils to come trick or treating in our village. We have made a Halloween wreath from the garden out of little lanterns.

Vintage Fairy Illustration by Hilda Miller

Zitella The Witch (a Katerine's creation) is in the window to welcome them. Mrs Black is a little shy of children but usually enjoys them in costume.

The incomparble Lord Byron, a splendid Witches hat, the perfect shoe,
and Helena Bonham-Carter in a magnificent swan adorment.

Perhaps one of the aspects of Halloween which appeals to us the most is dressing up, the ability to be, even for one night, someone else.

I think it gives children an opportunity to use their imagination - and why not continue as adults?

Once upon a time there were grand balls to attend where everyone dressed in costume.

These are just a few costumes we love, for both men and women.

Vintage clothes and costumes from the past are a great inspiration to the designers of today, and to the many people who like to wear vintage fashion.

Personally I am coveting this wonderful cape, it is an antique, one of a kind, and not for sale.

It is totally impractical, but that is the point. It is so special that few of us mere mortals will ever wear anything like it.

But we can dream. I  may have to get the pins and needles out before next Halloween to make one of these.

Dark colours are traditionally associated with Autumn and Winter but also brights which gleam and glisten as stillness arrives. I'm always tempted at this time of year to re-decorate. The usual reds, golds and black work, but so do purple and even more surprising, a certain shade of pink!

The Raven quote is available on Etsy.

Whatever that we do in our costumes and decorations, nature always does it best.

The Moon over our village last night.
The trees and leaves on our path.


  1. Wonderful posting of all things Halloween! Thanks for all these lovely images.
    Your last photo is gorgeous, I would love to walk on that path!
    Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain!

  2. We were very lucky and only got the windy/rainy edges of Sandy, and no damage; even still ~ no fun with all the wondering what will/could happen...many were not so lucky. :(

    I think you will be the Belle Of The Ball if you make yourself a snappy cape like the one in the photo!! :)))))))

    I love the hazy moon photo, VERY Halloweeny!

  3. Boo! Happy Halloween! Wonderful, treat filled post. I love dressing up and have a wonderful black hat -- lots of frills and huge spider. It is still warm here at Halloween so my attire is often black pants with a black Halloween t-shirt -- but always the hat!! Zitella is wonderful -- so chic! I may take a few fashion hints from her! Spooky plates and pumpkins. Ready to celebrate!

    1. Your outfit sounds wonderful! Zitella is most appreciative of your comments. She is back in her box, but grumbling that she wants to stay out all year so we may have to find her a shelf to sit on. x

  4. I hope Halloween will be a great success in your village. Have fun tonight!

    Madelief x

    1. We did have little Trick or Treaters! Sadly the rain made it impossible to take photos of them. x

  5. That Cape, dear Minerva: I would wear it (there IS always an occasion to be found if one looks hard enough :-)
    I love dramatic style. And the first part of Autumn is dramatic - second part, typical November, more subdued, but with inner qualities too.

  6. What a beautifully illustrated post.
    I think you need that cape - you would find occasions to wear it!

  7. Beautiful photos! In Japan, many shops are decorated with Halloween decorations such as bats, ghosts, witches, bloody candles, pumpkins and more. It is a great fun to see them.
    If Zitella The Witch came to Japan, she would be very popular. Because a lot of young people are enjoying Gothic fashion.

    1. That is fascinating Snowwhite! When I was a child my best friend was the daughter of a Japanese war bride and we used to play with her Father's scary masks on Halloween. x

  8. What a nice collection of photos! I love your door wreath :)
    Do you know the painter of the ginger-haired lady? I very much love pre-Raphaelites; have a print from Frederick William Burton in my bed room *hehe*

    1. Torwen, I love pre-raphaelites too. Sadly I do not know who this one is by, but I believe it is modern in the style of. Frederick is lesser known, but one I also like. x

  9. You should start a tradition where you live...have a costume ball at Halloween for the adults! (Perhaps the Saturday night before Halloween.)
    I have such good ideas! What do you say? :-)

  10. I adore all the seasons for a multitude of reasons, but autumn is by far my very favourite, too (and I have zero qualms with winter either). From the regal colour palettes to the nippy nights, the crunch of leaves under foot to the inherent sense of mother nature winding down for another year, there truly is so much to relish, adore and be thankful for this time of year.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my raspberry cardigan outfit post today. I sincerely appreciate and hope you have a marvelous Monday.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I thought with your colouring that you would be an Autumn/Winter person. I agree Raspberry is such a lifting colour. x

  11. fantastic costumes - especially that silk and feather robe. and what a glorious path you have near your home - i am envious - wish i had one like that near me!
    thanks for your recent comment over at my place :)

    1. Hi Amanda, Glad that you like our little path, I bet you have lots of beautiful sights near you too. I really loved that cloud photo you posted and hope that you have had time to enjoy the Cloud Appreciation Society link. x


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